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2020 Newsletter

Dear FCSA Members:

It is with great sadness that I am writing this year's newsletter. Many of you are aware that we

lost our longtime leader, Clair Harvey, on December 11th. He served as the club's President for many years. Clair was the "heart and soul" of the Fishing Creek Sportsmen's Association, and under his direction the club has grown to be the successful organization that it is today. He was a friend to many and an advocate for publicly accessible fishing sites along the Fishing Creek watershed. He loved seeing the youth of our area involved in fishing and hunting activities and his passion for the Kid's Annual Fishing Derby gave many of you, and your children, some lifetime memories. He will be greatly missed! Thank you, Clair, for your leadership, service and friendship.

After the recovery from the flood of 2018 (and a BIG Thank You to all who made donations and

gave of their time and effort), we were able to get up and running again only to be hit by a devastating tornado which ripped through our area just after the start of the 2019 trout season. Many families in the area experienced extensive personal property loss and our club was not immune to the destruction. We are still making repairs and cleaning up along the raceway, nursery and rifle range. We wish to say a huge thank you to the folks at the Mill Race Golf Course and our Benton VFW for their assistance in enabling us to have our Kid's Derby, although a little later in the summer, and it was another very fun and successful outing.

Our major activities throughout the past year of 2019 included:

Fishing Derbies: Last year's Derby at Mill Race Golf and Camping Resort was held in July

instead of June, due to the tornado damage. We plan to be back on track this year. The date

for this year's Derby is Sunday. June 7, 2020. The Derby starts at 12:30 PM).

College Scholarships: This was the seventh year that the FCSA scholarships were presented

to 2 Benton High Schoolseniors pursuing careers in outdoor, conservation, agricultural or

biological fields. Two $500 awards were given.

Early Bird Expo in January at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds where we signed up members and

sold raffle tickets to support our Children's Fishing Derby.

Annual Active Member's Banquet in March, which was held at the St. James Social Hall and

included a very informative presentation by Bill Williams of the PGC on "The History of PA

Wild life Conservation".

Raising and Stockings of 20,000 trout that assisted the PFBC in providing outstanding fishing in one of our greatest local resources, Fishing Creek, and its tributaries. These fish were stocked for the enjoyment of all anglers. *Note...The PFBC will no longer provide us with Brook Trout.

Fish Tagging: We stocked approximately 50 trout with tags corresponding to prizes from $25

to $100 in various areas of Columbia County.

Maintaining Club owned properties to provide public access to the stream. We strive to provide

as much public access to the Fishing Creek watershed for all anglers to enjoy.

Maintenance of the Shooting Range: Although we had extensive tornado damage to the pistol

range, we hope to make the repairs this coming Spring.

Scheduled Workdays for the repair and conditioning of the fish nursery to assure the best

possible environment to raise our trout.

Fish Food Bagging and Sales: Club members bagged nearly 40,000 bags of fish food for sale

at 25 cents each to offset the cost of operating the trout nursery.

PA Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs: we maintain membership with this statewide

organization that gives us a voice in hunting and fishing legislation.

Annual Active Member's Picnic held in August at the pavilion area of the Benton VFW. This

activity provided a nice afternoon of good food and time for members to socialize.

Continued Support for Benton and Millville school archery and Berwick rifle programs.

The following sentence from, our club's Mission Statement, sums up what makes our club unique: "The Association consists of a group of like-minded sportsmen and

conservationists concerned with the preservation of open trout waters and public

fishing. primarily in Fishing Creek and its tributaries."

It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and financial resources to keep our club

operating as successfully as we have in the past. Therefore, we ask for your support through

your membership dollars and, if possible, your volunteered time to assist with the

aforementioned activities. We are in serious need of volunteers for nursery duties and

grass cutting.

To those active members who labored on the workdays, maintained the

nursery each and every day throughout the year, put in time at the Shooting Range, showed

up on "stocking" mornings to keep the fishermen happy and to all of our Derby Volunteers and

Donors. We thank you! We couldn't have done it without you!

*****Membership lnfo - We are continuing, this year, with the same membership renewal

process. A membership card is included with this mailing. We hope that you will renew your

membership by filling in the stub end. then returning it to us. Remember to keep the card end!

This will eliminate the need of an additional mailing and save costs on postage, too. Make sure

your name and address appear clearly on the stub and your envelope. Memberships are still

only $10 annually. Please send cash or a check in the amount of $10 made out to FCSA.

To pick up your 2020 button, we ask that you stop at the VFW, our Club House, the Kozy Korner

Restaurant or stop at our booth at the annual Early Bird Expo or Benton Gun Show. (Just

show them your card. Memberships are also available at these locations)

Also included are some raffle tickets to purchase(6 tickets for $5), if you choose to do so. The

proceeds will help with the cost of our annual Children's Fishing Derby. Return the "sold" stubs

and check in an envelope.

Mail the envelope to:

Fishing Creek Sportsmen's Assn.

P.O. Box 331

Benton, PA 17814

****Our Web address is:

Please check it out to keep updated with activities involving the club.

Chuck Musitano (FCSA Secretary)

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