Fish Stocking and Nursery

The Fishing Creek Sportsmen Association raises about 25,000 fish yearly, which are provided by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission as fingerlings approximately 3” long. These fish are rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout, and may also include several palominos. They are usually received in July and are raised for ten months until April of the following year, when they are stocked in local waters that are accessible to the public. At time of release the length of the fish averages 10”. The stocking of local streams takes place weekly from approximately April until July.

Fish are also provided to various fishing derbies throughout the area, including our own derby which attracts 200-500 children from our local area and from other states. At this derby all participating children receive a prize, and trophies are provided for the largest fish of each species caught. Local businesses and the association provide these prizes, which can include everything from fishing equipment to frisbees and bicycles. This event is held on the first Sunday of June. There is no charge to participate.

Stocking dates for Fishing Creek are basically every Monday from April (after the start of trout season) thru the first week in July or until the supply of fish runs out. Specific locations to be stocked are determined at the beginning of each season.

FISH STOCKING SCHEDULE - Please remember that volunteer help is needed to do all stocking. No stocking will be done until the Fish Commission has concluded their stocking efforts.

Current Status of the Nursery

This past month 13 fish were lost. The total year to date is 1,076 lost. New fingerlings were due in September.

HELP NEEDED: Retirees or someone available in the mornings are still needed for nursery fish feeding and screen cleaning/maintenance. Volunteers are requested to be members of the club. The duties are for approximately one hour a day for a week at a time each month. Training is available.

Contact Scott Masich for more info or to volunteer or with additional questions on the stocking and penning of fish