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2020 Newsletter

The Association's Mission

Since 1969 the Fishing Creek Sportsmen Association has been dedicated to preserving and maintaining great trout fishing on Fishing Creek and several other Columbia County waterways, through the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's Cooperative Nursery Program and other related efforts. The Association consists of a group of like-minded sportsmen and conservationists concerned with the preservation of open trout waters and public 


Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse (IMPORTANT NOTE: or the VFW meeting room) located on Shannon Hill Road across from the VFW Building and near The Mill Race Golf Course (previously), approximately two miles north of Benton, PA.

Hope to see some new faces at our monthly meetings.


Support for club activities are provided by various donations, grants, lotteries, club membership fees, and by selling bags of fish food at the Mill Race, which we provide to feed our resident ducks and the trout. A feeding platform is provided for this purpose. Approximately 30,000 bags of fish food are sold annually, on the honor system.


A newsletter to all club members is mailed out annually. Membership forms are available (currently $10.00 per year) at various locations, including the VFW, the Kozy Korner Luncheonette, Thunder Ridge Outfitters, Smith’s Outdoor Connection, thru any officer, or by printing the online FCSA Membership Application and mailing it and the fee to: Fishing Creek Sportsmen's Association, c/o Secretary, P.O. Box 331, Benton, PA 17814.

New members and volunteers are always welcome.

Range Rules

The range is always open during specified hours, except when notified, when the golf course is having a tournament, during any Club events, or when volunteers are working at or near the range. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Range rules are clearly posted at the range. Synopsis is:

A. All ranges are open at 9:00 AM.

B. All ranges close 1/2 hour before dusk.

C. No other range is to be used when the rifle range is in use.

D. The rifle range use is limited up to semi-automatic weapons, three rounds max.  


E. The shotgun range is limited to slugs and 00 buck only.  

F. All spent ammo is to be cleaned up before leaving the area.

G. If the range is used after hours, the person using will lose all range privileges and may be removed from the club membership roles.

In addition: Only members of the Club or VFW post may use the range.

Children younger than 16 are allowed to use the range if accompanied by a member.

Anyone over 16 must be a member of the Club to use the range.

These rules have been imposed for everyone’s protection and safety; please abide by them.